Yesterday I received the following comment from a valued reader:

“I am also a Vietnam veteran and just finished all three of your books, and loved them. Personally I would make them mandatory reading for all 14 year old boys today if I could. I think you have a lot that could be taught to them.

Thank You


Here is my answer of today, you can also read it in the comments below my post : “Sitting on a football”

Hello Nat,
It is nice to hear from another Vietnam veteran and I am honored that you like my books.
Yes, sometimes I think that I should send the book “Loyal to a degree” to a school administrator and ask him if he would be interested to give me an hour to talk to their history class.
It would be interesting for the children as I am one of the few who lived through 1945 and is still around to talk intelligently (or so I think) about these times.
One the other hand I am sure that you, as a Vietnam veteran also have interesting stories to tell about a terrible war.
It was all about survival, wasn’t it?
And today? Does it matter anymore?? It’s a loaded question, isn’t it?
I am an American citizen since 1959 and I like to thank you for your time serving our country. Take good care of yourself.

Yes, as an Author, writing about forgotten times, I can’t help wondering: “Why I am writing this stuff?”

“Is anybody interested enough to read about it? “

Based upon my recent book sales and comments, the answer is: “Yes,”  there are readers who I am able to “touch.”

Thank you for all your kind comments. They keep me writing.

However and finally, tell me dear reader: ” Does it matter anymore?”