Presently I finished chapter 12 of “Trust to a degree”.

I eliminated and changed many parts of previous chapters because I felt that there was no need to open up old memories and old wounds just to write about past events.

First of all, they are painful to remember, secondly they will serve no conceivable good,  thirdly there have been documents written about the atrocities committed following the surrender of Berlin………and ……nobody cared.

But more importantly nobody learned from it …..and I guess nobody ever will……..

I read in previous years that some of the allied “war reporters”  washed it away with the statement: “It was horrific, but after all the Germans had it coming”

Well, while this might be debatable,  there is one thing that for the life of me I don’t understand: ” How did the little 10 year old girls, being raped to dead, had it coming?”

So, I wrote what I witnessed and then deleted almost all of it. I “trashed”  it. That’s where it belongs. In the trash.

Therefore,  if you expect to read  detailed accounts about  brutality and rape….then I like to advise you not to read the book.  I choose d  not to write about it.

Instead I am writing about the strange  events as they unfolded for Karl and Harold by cooperating with a Russian political commissar.

It was a cooperation based upon mutual trust.

In retrospect, I think that in “normal”  times the relationship of trust, between 14 year old kids  and intelligence officers would be highly unlikely.

But, in 1945, in Berlin, given the complex personalities of the various Soviet political commissars and Russian military officers, combined with their personal  motivations, greed and revenge,…….well, I think that it might be worth your time to read about it,  because it is an interesting true account of highly unusual times.