I am pleased to announce that I finally finished my rather small book about the workings of a mature mind.

It is titled: “How I Developed A Successful Mindset” with the subline: “Based On Ninety-One Years  Of Practical Experience” 

I started to write about this subject with the idea to share some of my experiences with you, in the hope that they might be beneficial to my readers. It is not intended to be a guideline to success, but I hope that it will induce my readers to think about the countless opportunities that are always around us, waiting to be explored.  

Contrary to my self imposed target of three months, it took me more than four years to get it finally done. Sure, I have plenty of excuses, such as moving from California to Idaho, finishing some other books which needed to be written, building shelters for our expanding herd of Llamas and Alpacas, having bouts with high blood pressure, diminishing eye sight, getting older, the list goes on and on..

Just to imagine that I reached my “Nineties”, was a  mental adjustment in itself. People, many years my junior, kept on telling me that “Now was the time to stop working “. But, I refuse to think that way. Now, that I am at the height of my life’s experiences I should stop? There is simply no way that I can relate to this kind of thinking. However, I have to admit that the above list of scores which needed to be addressed and done, slowed me down. A lot.

So, what did I do? I moved my targets, which I call my milestones, further and further down the line. I know that this sounds pretty reasonable, but the brutally honest truths is that I missed my three months target by four years. Period.

But, I finally kept my promise to get the book published.

Thanks to my valued V.A. Chris Haas, of “Zenith Business Solutions”  it is now available on Amazon.

As for the future: Well, I almost finished another small book, about a retired friend who entered a retirement home in Southport, England,  It might be another week, but then I will submit it to Chris Haas, for publishing.

I also finished the outline of a new, two book series. 

And, like always, I will keep you informed.

In the meantime, ” Take good care of yourself’.

All the best,