It finally looks as if the snow is melting and we are on the way to see the sun again. It was only two days ago, on Easter Sunday, that we were battling a snow storm. But it is April, so the weather performs as it always does.

Totally unpredictable.. 

In the meantime, I tried to stay on target with the mini goals I set for myself at the beginning of this year and this included to write a little story about one of my readers in England. He had the bright idea to teach his children by apparently understanding the bird language of the Blackbirds which nested in the trees behind his home. I learned, by communicating with him, that these Blackbirds never whistle the same tune. This triggered in him the habit to imitate their songs, which led his children to believe that he could actually communicate with the birds.

The book is titled: Derek and the Blackbirds of Southport.

In spite that is was only a short story, it took me several weeks to complete. But once it was done, my trusted VA, Christina Haas, of “Zenith Business Solutions”, stepped up to the task, created an attracting cover for the paperback edition and published it in record time. I have been working with Christina since my first book, back in 2013,  and a I am always stunned by her ability and dedicated work habits.

As for my future “milestones”, – I started to write the story of a German submarine crew who was ordered to ferry Nazi officials to Argentina. It is a true story, based upon discussions I had with one of the surviving sailors, (and POW), in 1955.

I thank you for your loyalty, and promise to keep you informed.