Since I published my books I communicated with some of my readers of my age who were born or still live in Germany.

This communication resulted in some specific questions (from me) and the results are astonishing.

My first few questions were simple enough: Did you had a bout with Diphtheria in your preteen years, specifically between 1932 and 1937?

My follow up questions were more specific, but I will not bother you with the details. However, the answers are pretty astonishing.

All of my readers who underwent  hospitalization during their illness had the following in common:

1) They never needed a hospital stay for any other illness.

2)  During their lifetime of over 80 years they never needed any kind of medication, except some blood pressure prescriptions.

3) None of them experienced or is subject to any allergy. No hay fever or any kind of food intolerance’s, such as gluten or lactose or glucose intolerance.

4) None of them likes or drinks alcohol. Except, maybe a glass of wine with their meal.

5) None of them had the need to see a physician during the past 70 years. Except for an injury, eyeglasses, or as I stated above, for blood pressure observation.

6) While none of them could remember any birthdays or other specific events before the age of four, they all had vivid memories of their illness (high fever hallucinations)  and their hospital stay.

7) None of them is a diabetic or has a problem controlling their weight. In other words, none of them is overweight.

8) And, finally, all of the people I asked are still in vibrant health and active. Mentally as well as physically.

Yes, I know, this is not a comprehensive study and it wasn’t intended to be, but it leads to the question if the treatment of Diphtheria, in Germany, in the thirties, caused the interesting similarities, or was it the illness itself?

Or, is this all coincidence?

Hmm, coincidence? I know of two ladies who instead of wasting their years solving crossword puzzles, started to learn another language at the age of 83, just as I decided to embark on a new career as a writer.

Any comments?