So, I am way behind my envisioned schedule..

That’s the bad news, and since I am tired of non-productive excuses, I will concentrate on the “Good News”.

And, there is plenty to report. First of all, I finally finished the last chapter of the “Kellner Chronicles”. The manuscript is now with my trusted VA , who tells me that my work is on her front burner, As soon as I know the publication date, you will know it too.

Secondly, finishing the series about WW II , allows me now to share with you some of the lessons I learned during  my lifetime. Please remember that I never attempt to teach you anything. I write about my experiences, in the hope that some of them might be helpful to you, and maybe, just maybe, causes you to think. (let me know if I am succeeding) 

But before I embark on this journey, I am currently in the process of writing a very short Christmas Story, about a youngster I met in 1946. It is almost finished and I hope to publish it before the Holiday Season.

Otherwise, all is ok. My blood pressure is under control, my eyesight is improving, and I am feeling great, ready to tackle tomorrow.

There is soo much, I aim to share, so back to the keyboard.