I think that I mentioned someplace before that we do some dog boarding.  (don’t worry, this is not a long drawn out post about pet sitting)  However,  this week our dog care service turned into a challenge.

We received a dog , from an owner who told us that the dog is a  “bit blind”. Well, yes, maybe, perhaps, in the owner’s house where he apparently finds things by smell ( or something). However here in our home he is like one of those wind-up toys which turn around when they hit a wall. Not, much different with this poor animal.

It walks in circles and bounces of chairs, furniture and walls.  When it finally gets in a corner it is totally lost.It turns right…bang…….it turns left…bang….. So he stands in a corner and tries to find his way out. It reminds me of a cartoon, where a blind guy was led to feel the wall of a huge drum and then runs around the drum , in circles, screaming : “Let me out!”

I feel so sorry for this little dog. I discovered this morning,  that he will eat a treat, if I hold it right in front of his nose.  He sniffs first the treat , then my hand, then eats the treat, and now bumb’s into furniture trying to find me.

It is sad…. nothing we cannot handle….but it is a touch of a challenge.

He will be with us for a few more days, in the meantime we call him ” BOOMER”