A few days ago I drove to Las Vegas to visit my brother.

It was a nice and easy ride, Interstate 5 through Sacramento. Turning east on 58 through Bakersfield and Barstow , then on highway 15 to Las Vegas. All together 720 miles with a driving time of 11. 1/2 hours. The gas prices varied between $ 3.65  and $ 4.25. The traffic was light to none and there was not much difference between this ride and my usual annual rides during the last 20 years.

My surprise came when my brother took me downtown and I observed an unusual place. To make it short, they sold pre-mixed drinks, like Margaritas, to the passing tourists. No place to sit down, just the drinks over the counter.

So far, so good.

However, the prices were something else.  The least expensive drink was $9 and then up to $39. I was stunned, $20 on the average for a single drink. So I stopped and watched if this outfit really had customers. Well, I did not see anyone buying a drink for $39, however, there were plenty people who paid $15 – and then tipped another $5 on top of it.

The bartender did not even mix the drinks as they were all pre-mixed. They must be living in a different world than I am in.

On our ranch, we have to buy chicken feed and raise the chicks for over 1/2 year until they lay any eggs. Then we have to provide water and clean the chicken sheds, buy cartons for the eggs and finally sell the fresh farm eggs for $ 3.50 a dozen. . . and tips? What is that?