Well, I think that I finished writing my first book.  Yesterday, on Sunday, I finished the last chapter.  I will let it “sit” for a day and review it before I send it on to my editor.

I also reviewed the whole book and I find that there are many things that I could have added or written differently.  However, if I do that , then the book will never be finished.  I am afraid that I could rewrite it until the cows come home and still would not be 100 % satisfied.  So, I think that I will publish it the way it is and will try to do better with my next book.

You know by now that my first book is about “Karl” and his experiences before the surrender of Berlin in 1945.  The next book will cover the following days.  Some of the events were very horrific and at this time I wonder how much I’ll be able to “write” about it.  But, since all the things I write about are based upon my own experiences, I think that I will simply keep on writing. Should my memory becomes too disturbing (for me) I will take a deep breath and stop for a day or two.

Thinking back, I feel that there where two distinctly different periods of events which might be of interest to my readers. This is the reason that I choose to write two books instead of just one.  But, right now, it is time for me to celebrate the finish of my first book and I will do so by cooking a bunch of noodles in milk and then put plenty of sugar and cinnamon on top of it….my favorite food besides potatoes.   No, please don’t tell me about the benefits of vegetables….even my dogs don’t like them.