A week ago my computer went on strike. All of the sudden I had nothing but pop ups and crazy advertising asking me to buy diapers, life insurance, a burial plot and enroll in a college education program. This did not really bother me because I do not use the internet too much. The only email I answer is from Wanda my editor, and Chris my formatter and promoter.

Oh, yes, I also answer a few of my friends and my daughter. But this is about the extend of it. All the other emails hang around for a few days until I move them to the garbage bin. However, my computer got serious in his desire to die. My word processor slowed down to a crawl. I was unable to copy and paste and finally it took me over 15 minutes to access my files.

Sure, I could possibly make him well again by taking him to a local computer guru, a lady who had revived him before, but, I was also tired of coaching the old “Vista” OS back to life. I was told that windows 8 stinks and that I should try to buy windows 7. Since I don’t know anything about computers anyhow, I did not think that this could be an issue.

So, I went ahead and bought windows 8 and since the computers don’t come anymore with a software bundle I also bought the word processing software from Microsoft. Then I took the old and the new computer to my trusted “computer angel” to transfer the pertinent files from the old one to the new one, and Bingo, four days later (that was yesterday) I had the new computer working and I could write again.

In the meantime, Chris my promoter lady, informed me that on June 11th and 12th we had a free book day, on kindle select scheduled. Ouch, today is the 11th and because of all the above I had not posted this free day on my author’s (this one here) website.

So, I do it herewith, you still have tomorrow the 12th of June, a chance to download my first book for free. (You’re welcome)

Please help yourself and if you find the time and or the words please leave a short review on amazon. (Thank you very much)

Now, if you miss tomorrow, we will schedule another free day and this time I will let you know in a more timely manner. It is now  June 11th  and 8:15 pm.  I just checked my stats on kindle and read to my joy that 405 readers took advantage of the free day.

Seriously, I don’t know how this happened because I am a totally unknown entity. It must be the promotional effort of Chris and Wanda my two trusted friends and of Jenny my wife who told everyone she met that I was writing a book.

Thank you Jenny, Chris and Wanda, your help and assistance is truly invaluable for me.

Hmmm yes, Windows 8  operating system : I love it.  Everything is easy and absolute intuitive. At least for me it is. The professional computer gurus however bitch about it, non stop. I am glad that I am not a guru because I don’t have the luxury of time to learn “computers.” I just write because I love it. All the rest I outsource.

And, to the 405 newcomers: Thank you and Happy reading!