Since we had our “free” book day I received a lot of interesting questions.

Off course, there was the obvious one:  “What happened to Peter and to the camp group that took the train?”

Well, I never heard from them again. Apparently the train never arrived in Kottbus. In the weeks of February and March, also in the beginning of April 1945,  the Polish underground was very successful in sabotaging the rail road lines leading from Poland to Germany. Supply trains and hospital trains were their prime target and were often totally destroyed .

I made constant inquiries and contacted all the pertinent agencies:  School authorities, Churches and the German Red Cross.

Their answers was always the same: “What do you want from us? It is total war! ”

The German Red Cross was the worst: “Don’t ask question. Be happy that you are alive. Why don’t you grab a Panzerfaust and blow up a tank? Get out of here!”

And the answers from the churches? Well. you don’t want to know…. in Berlin April 1945,  it was total chaos and if I write that everyone cared only for himself, then I am being very kind.

So, I don’t know what happened to Peter and his group.  Many German families provided shelter for the homeless children and adopted them later on. So, there is a slight chance that some of them survived.

Another obvious question: “What about the package from the submarine commander?”

Answer: Will be explained in the second book.

But many of the questions asked, centered about the time frame and events before 1945 :

“How come so many children rotted on their parents?

What was the difference between the SS and the other German armed forces.?

Did all the German cities evacuated the children due to air attacks?

What was the difference between the Soviet fighting troops and the other allied forces?

Did the Germans really loved Hitler before the war?

What was the difference between loyalty to the fatherland, and being fanatic?

How were the left handed children treated? (Well, they were beaten on the left hand until it was swollen and bloody, and until the  “stupid moron of a child”  learned how to write with the right hand)

Because of these and many other questions regarding the years before the war, I decided to write a “prequel”, covering the years 1940 to 1945.

Again, I will write from memory and  from the perspective of a boy who was required, to join the Junkvolk  by the age of 10.  ( In Berlin it was required by  law)

Two days ago I finished my outline. I am planning to publish it between the second and the third book. But, this might change, depending upon any further questions I might receive.

Please keep them coming.