Due to a freak storm during the past winter, we lost some of our larger trees.. Our friendly neighbors helped us tremendously by cutting up the huge tree sections which blocked our driveway, leaving us with the minor task to clear the debris caused by the torn bushes. So far, so good. However, the trees, as well as the bushes, had been a nice visual barrier between our home and the lightly traveled  road. And that’s not so good. We are just as everyone else and like our privacy.  Now that the snow is gone, we are finally able to access the full damage which is far greater than we first thought.

At first blush our job looked simple enough.. “Just clean up the area and start planting new bushes and trees”. Yeah, right! First of all we wanted to be sure that we did it right. Hmm, this resulted immediately, into doing  . . . . .nothing.

Remember? We wanted to be sure that we did it right!. . . . . and there is no such thing!

Alone the abundance of suitable trees turned the selection into a serious challenge. We wanted “deer friendly” trees and our local expert told us: “Good luck with this one”. Then we needed to consider the time, costs and back breaking labor to install water lines. (Not to mention that a water line would mean that we would need to cross the drive way.) It was extremely easy to postpone the whole idea, Which we did, every time we thought about it.

Easy? Yes. .Productive?  No.

That was until I remembered that I solved likewise problems by simply deciding  to start.

So, we started. We went ahead and bought a 38 ton log splitter, Bought a bunch of assorted trees and bushes, irrigation lines, and mulch, . . . . and we are digging already the holes for the trees. . . . . .we are halfway done.

It is always the same: “You need to decide and “begin”. The rest is easy.

(Hmm, yes, I also bought a bottle of “Ibuprofen” the large, economy size)