Well, the winter is almost over, and I am well behind my self-imposed mile stones.

Sure, I have plenty of excuses and explanations, but the fact remains that I am way, way behind my intentions of yester-year.

So, what happened? Well, there was this incident, last May, when I developed some kind of double vision, followed by a bout with high blood pressure and then followed by side effects from the medications. In two words: “Not Fun”.

Then there was this thing with the Corona Virus. Without being directly affected by it, just being exposed to the stringent rules and the constant bombardment from “experts” and media commentators, was triggering distractions (and a headache) which still lingers on.

As if this was not enough . . . our well run dry. Now this was serious, and something we could not fix by ourselves. Luckily we found a competent well driller.

On the “plus” side of the ledger, we are now enjoying better water than we had before. Above all, we are healthy, and I am determined to continue writing. I also intend to keep you informed. 

All the best to my friends and readers,