My book cover designer, (yes, it is Chris Haas, again, she is a multi talented lady) informed me that she designed a new book cover for our upcoming  paper back edition.

She also decided to replace our current cover for the Ebook with the newly designed one.

I really like her art work and if you have any comments about it, please feel free to express yourself.

Personally, I never picked up a book because of it’s “Cover Art Work”,  but, the experts tell me that before a book is bought, it has to be picked up by the buyer. (sounds obvious?)  Anyway, these experts furthermore assert that about 80 % of the books being picked up are being selected because of the book’s cover.  (Really?)

So, who am I to argue?  I am happy to keep on writing and leave the rest up to people who know more about the intricacies of book publishing.

But, I do like the new cover.   A lot.