During the last few days we had two (2) major events.

1)  Christina Haas, of Zenithbusinesssolutions, my promoter for the book , completed a stage of her public relation program and released the kindle version for two (2)  free days.

Today, the second day of the free days, by 10:21 am Pacific time, we experienced a total of 5037 downloads and we have still 1/2 day to go.

Yesterday, we were also  Nr. 1 in downloads in the Historical Fiction category and also Nr. 1 in downloads  in the World War Two category from Amazon.

As an unknown writer, I am more than impressed with the above numbers which are all due to Chris’s effort. If you ever need a virtual assistant, promoter or website builder, do yourself a favor and look her up. I have never met a more dedicated person to work with.  Have I mentioned that her services are extremely affordable?

I don’t know about our present standing because we are experiencing difficulties with our internet provider and our email provider.  From time to time we are being disconnected.

2) Chris also completed the formatting of our paperback book and released it yesterday. As of yesterday it is available here on our website and on createspace.com . We are told that within five days it will be available on amazon.com. It will also be available for ordering at your favorite book store. However, you  will not find it stocked at your regular bookstore because none of them will invest in inventory of an unknown author, but like I said, you will be able to order it.

Chris also designed the cover art for the paperback which is outstanding.  Thank you, Chris. Without your diligent work  it would be just a manuscript

I tell you, it is exiting for me to hold my first book in my hands. When Jenny, my wife, saw the proof copy of the paperback edition she shook her head and said to me : “I did not know that you know this many words.”

In the meantime I finished chapter 18 of my second book.  I am still close to my timeline to have the writing finished by the end of August. Release on Kindle by the middle of September? I will let you know.