Well, I finished writing my third book. It was released by my virtual assistant Christina Haas of Zenith Business Solutions on November 20th and the paperback edition should be out by next week. Shortly after Thanksgiving.

Chris did also the formatting and for the third time also did  the cover art = book cover, and I can’t thank her enough for all her diligent work and her constant support.

As I mentioned on this site before, I wrote this third book in response to the many questions I received from my readers regarding the “early years”  of Karl. So while it is actually my third book it is also a prequel.

While I trust that I answered all of the pertinent questions, I realize that “Children to a degree” will probably trigger additional questions and I cannot emphasize enough that I am available to answer or discuss any comments you might wish to express.

In the meantime I am writing the fourth book in the series. It will be entitled “Partners to a degree” and I am aiming to finish it by February. This fourth book will start with the efforts of Karl to secure the release of his father from the Soviet POW transports to the labor camps in Russia. It will also cover the initial training period of Harold, (Karl’s friend) within the Russian State Police network.

Harold’s primary motivation was revenge, and I would have never wanted to be his enemy, but he was also sufficiently smart to advance himself beyond his initial ambition.

He led an extraordinary and dangerous  life while he was coming of age and you might find reading about it interesting as well as informative in regard to the Soviet actions during the evolving cold war.

Even after I immigrated to the USA,  Harold kept me up to date in his endeavors until he died well into his seventies.

I like to take this opportunity to thank my loyal readers for reading this series and I will do my best to keep you entertained.