During the last week I joined several forums pertaining to WW II and I also joined a “writer forum”.

In all of the above I left a link to this website and/or to my book.

So, if any new followers have any questions regarding the time frame I am writing about, please feel  free to chime in by using the “comment” space provided.

In the meantime I finished writing chapter 10 of  “Trust do a degree” and I am pretty sure it will get published within my time line. (End of August).

In the meantime, my formatter, Chris Haas, is working to get the first book ready to be published in paperback. I will keep you informed on the progress.

Right now she is finishing the design of the front cover which will be a touch different from the eBook version.

Yesterday we*  had a small challenge on our ranch to keep our animal pets comfortable.

The temperature  rose to 111 degree and Jenny fabricated a “sprinkler system” . It worked . Even the pigeons gathered underneath to take a shower, very much to the annoyance of the sheep, but, this is a different story.

We* =  When I  write “we done this or that”  Jenny always asks me : “What is this we thing?”   about?

Beats me.