This morning started with a broken water hose, or something leaking from our van’s radiator  I needed to get chicken food and filled 20 milk cartons with water and proceeded to the repair shop.  Naturally, I received a few ‘fingers’ when I had to stop to refill the radiator.  People  are not used anymore to seeing someone trying to get a disabled car from point A to point B without the help of a tow truck. They use sign language to let you know what they think of your efforts.

Didn’t bother me any, but it did cost me two hours.

So, now I am faced with the task of bridging the main character from my first book, Karl, into the second book.  Actually, it should be simple because I am writing about the following events from memory.  But it is a bit challenging because I also have to introduce two new characters.

You would think that this is easy, wouldn’t you?  Well, not exactly.  One of the new characters appears right away. But the motives for his actions, as well as his personal reasons for interacting with Karl, (while important) are a bit difficult to describe.  I might pull it off, by writing in chronological order, but, I am not exactly sure about it.

It was confusing enough at the time when the events unfolded.  So far I am at chapter 2, but, I rewrote already chapter 1 several times and now  Chapter 2 is out of kilter……….