Wow, I do receive fan mail from many readers and I wish to thank all of them for their genuine interest and comments about my books.

With some of my readers I correspond on an almost daily basis. (And, you know who you are.)

However, the following is not really what you might call “fan mail”. But, I have to consider it as such because what else it is?

Well, a reader copied me a letter which he emailed to his friends. That’s all. Just the copy of his letter and I received his consent to publish it here:

Ya orta read tha book “Children of a Degree”by Horst Christian. Electronically you can read tha intro to it ifen you search tha enternet. Tha book is free if you have a way to download it to your electronic reader or cell phone. Just be aware that there are 3 more books. I have three of tha books now. I just electronically loaned tha second book to “mom” and then most likely ta Mark, so it wont be available fur a few days ta borrie fur readin. Ima just startin tha third book. Tha books are easy reads, but ya just caint puttem down. Ah do own book 2 in paperback but az itz signed by tha author ima keepin it close and it aint fur loan.
 Tha secon book is called “Loyal to a Degree”. Its needs to be retitled to “From Outta tha Fryin Pan and into tha Fire” as that’s where the second book literally begins and then ends. Ah caint believe Karl is still alive! Read book one fur free than determine ifen ya want ta continue. Ah bet ya will. Alan, as you grew up in England durin WWII ya need ta read it as your peer, the author, grew up in Germany durin tha same time and now you both live in CA. What a different life!

“Thank you, Ray”,