Yes, the time has finally come.

I finished my fifth book, Postwar Drifter, a few days ago.

Well, that’s not exactly correct as I wrote the final chapter several weeks ago, but after reading and rereading it seemed that the flow in the last three chapters needed some adjustments. This turned out to be a very time consuming undertaking. Once you start correcting yourself there is no end to the changes you want to make. I will never, ever do that again. Rewriting I mean.

Last week I received the last chapters back from my new editor, Melodine Reese,  and I  dumped the whole load on my trusted VA, Christina Haas, to read the story and create the cover art. True to form she came through not only with an excellent cover but also in record time. (She knew I was more than late) And then she really stepped on it. She wrote the foreword, the blurb, the historical note and did the keyword search which is important and which I still don’t understand. Then she put in a night shift to format the book and submit it to Amazon.

Thanks Chris!  Without your unrelenting effort it would still be nothing but a manuscript.

But now it’s finally published.

The book is about the life of Harold under the tutelage of the Russian Commissar Godunov. Due to his very unusual life I decided to write several books about him and his covert activities during the cold war and beyond.  I have to give Christina Haas credit for suggesting the name of the series: “The Kellner Chronicles”. You might remember that Harold’s last name was “Kellner”.

Since I had many readers asking me to also write more about Karl’s life I started in the mean time to write a book about his years after the war.

However, right now I bake myself a cake, or maybe cook some noodles with milk and then cover it with several layers of sugar. As soon as the first layer melts you have to add another layer of sugar until it doesn’t melt anymore. This way you can hear it crunch when you eat it.

I know, I know,  I heard all the comments how the sugar is supposed to be bad for your health. Well maybe, for somebody.

However, I am now close to 86, enjoy the same weight, 140 pounds, as 50 years ago and always enjoy potatoes and sweets. That’s just the way I roll.