Well, I finished chapter 2 of my second book and started to write this morning number 3.  This worked pretty good because I had made myself plenty of notes while I was rewriting chapter 2.  The only challenge I was facing was my new little puppy.

You see, we always had big dogs and if you read my previous post you know that we still have four of them.  However, we also do some dog boarding on our small ranch and during the last year I started to fall in love with the smaller breeds.  They are less independant and not so aloof like the shepherds are.  Whenever we get a small dog for a few days I try my very best to spoil him and always feel bad when their owners come to pick them up again. I am sad to see the little guys leave.

Sometimes I even think that the feelings are mutual because more than once it happened that the owner placed his dog in his car and before he could shut the door, the little guy sneaked out again and ran straight back to our door, and if I left the door open he was sitting next to my chair before the owner noticed that his loyal pet was gone.  Now, the good thing about it is that these actions of the dogs serve to secure a nice repeat business.

However, personally I hate to see my new friends leave and Jennifer saw that I was always lonely for a day or two.  So, two weeks ago she surprised with a puppy.  Imagine a brand new pup just for me and to stay with me.  It is a mix between a small Terrier and a Pomeranian. Cute as heck. It is a female and was 7 weeks old when I got her.  Ever since then she sits next to me in front of the desk and I feed her goodies. Naturally, like all puppies, it chews whatever is in her reach and I bought her small rawhide bones and enjoy the sound of her small teeth gnawing away.

That’s where my challenge cuts in.  The little puppy chewed up most of my notes.  My fault, I know, I should have been watching her instead of just listening. So, instead of regrouping my thoughts and re writing the notes…. I started to write this post.  Now I am back to square one.

However, I still have my puppy.